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Chalet Hotel les Gentianettes: a family history since 1994...

... Offering you the best mountain holidays in Haute-Savoie.

The beginnings of the Gentianettes: 1994-2000


Hotel, restaurant & swimming pool, les Gentianettes was born in 1994 thanks to Nathalie and Claude Trincaz, with their three children, Sandrine, Nicolas and Léo. Out of love for the calm and warm spirit of the Abondance Valley, they decided to share the idea of escaping by building a hotel and began to gradually put their ideas together. This is how they came up with the idea of creating the Hotel les Gentianettes, to bring satisfaction to their customers. 

Following its creation, they gave the exterior a makeover and expanded the relaxation area: the jacuzzi, sauna and hammam. Clients could already feel the spirit of freedom in a cosy “Savoyard-style” atmosphere through the décor and the mountain activities.

1988    Marriage od Nathalie and Claude Trincaz
1989    Birth of Sandrine
1990    Birth of Nicolas

1994    Creation Les Gentianettes** Restaurant & Swimming Pool

1997    Birth of Léo

1998    1st renovation of the external facade
1999    Extension of the relaxation area: Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room

View from the Air of Hotel Les Gentianettes, The Originals Relai

Our first renovations in the 2000’s: to better welcome our guests

To keep the little ones happy while the adults enjoy some free time, the children’s area was built in the 2000’s. A holiday for the whole family! In 2006, our chef Claude Trincaz established a new restaurant named Le Carnotzet (later changing its name to La Baratte-Brasserie Alpine), multiplying the unique flavours and cheesy delights from the Abondance Valley, with its traditional Savoyard specialities. From then, renovations continued every year during the off-seasons. “We regularly renovate bedrooms and restaurants, our aim being to satisfy our clients and allow them to enjoy their unique school holidays, winter holidays, family ski holidays or simply a mini getaway in the mountains” Nathalie Trincaz. This is how the Chalet-Hotel Restaurant les Gentianettes obtained its 3-star title, thanks to its quality services in the region.

2005    Creation of the children's area
2006    Creation of Le Carnotzet, a restaurant specialising in Savoyard specialities
2007    1st renovation of the rooms
2008    Awarded 3rd star
2011    1st renovation of the dining room of the restaurant Les Gentianettes

Le Jolla: the second generation takes over gastronomy


It was in 2014 that the restaurant Le Jolla, managed by Sandrine, the eldest of the Trincaz family, was created, bringing culinary specialties to the edges of Lake Geneva, perfectly mastered by her father, the chef. The family touch is always present, keeping the values that their customers already know. The restaurant is located on the shores of Lake Geneva at the Port de Sechex, with breathtaking views. Enjoy your meal in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by a bucolic, some would even call it magical, landscape to taste the féra en goujonnettes or the filets de perche meunière.

Night View of Restaurant Le Jolla in Lake Geneva near Hotel Les





2014    Creation of the restaurant Le Jolla on the shores of Leman Lake
2015    Renovation of kitchens and dining rooms

Aiming for excellence: 2015-2018

Always aiming for excellence, the Gentianettes became les Gentianettes Chalet-Hotel Restaurant & Spa thanks to its renovations made: Spa, sensory shower, relaxation room, connected & spacious bedrooms to choose from depending on your wants and needs. Naturally, after this, our Chalet-Hotel received its 4th star. These numerous renovations gave way to others: the creation of a large underground car park to welcome our guests in full-security, suitable for all kinds of vehicles, so that you can enjoy pure moments of bliss free of worry. The underground car park was the first in the valley to bring you electric car charging points adapted to your Tesla and multi-brand vehicles in 2018.





2015    Development of the Wellness Spa : sensory shower and relaxation room
2016    2nd renovation of the rooms
2017    Awarded 4th star

2018    Birth of Alba

2018    Construction of the undergroung car park and renovation of the ski room

Since 2019: bringing you more to make that dream holiday come true


Since 2019, improvements have been continuous, because for us the most important thing is not only your satisfaction and loyalty to return to us on your holidays, but also to ensure that your vacation is forever engraved in your memories. 

Improvements to the exterior were done to give our family hotel a fresh face. We wanted to bring you peace and quiet alongside quality service during your holidays. Throughout its journey, you can see that the values we share at the ****Hotel Les Gentianettes Restaurant and Spa have been the same since day one: the promise of magical moments in the heart of the Haute-Savoie mountains. To this day, our Chalet Hotel continues to improve and bring you new experiences to make sure that your time spent with family, friends or colleagues is as pleasant as can be.





2nd renovation of the dining room of the restaurant Les Gentianettes
2nd renovation of the outside facade and new fittings of the exteriors
Recruitment of an exclusive masseuse
Change of name for the Savoyard specialities: restaurant La Baratte

Wild Flowers near Hotel Les Gentianettes, The Originals Relais

There once was an ambitious Savoyard family…

Escape in Savoie : Chalet-Restaurant-Spa les Gentianettes, an all-inclusive stay

The Chalet-Hotel Restaurant Spa les Gentianettes is the ideal place for you to spend your holidays in the French Alps, whether you are looking for a family holiday, skiing holiday, a romantic weekend away or a place to hold your seminars and teambuildings. As a family, between friends, on a school outing or even during a professional meeting, different options and services are available according to your needs.

Chalet-Hotel les Gentianettes: moving towards the future

Ensuring the well-being of our guests, we make it our mission to provide you with the best holiday you could ask for in the Abondance Valley. It’s with this in mind that our Hotel les Gentianettes already has many projects underway. There is no question of putting our feet up, the Hotel les Gentianettes always wants to provide you with the best service, adapted to our customers who want to make some unforgettable holiday memories in the mountains. More renovations are to come with many already planned out, so don’t hesitate to come and meet us or to visit us again, each visit is a new experience at the Gentianettes in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. 



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