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Our restaurants are open to both guests and non-guests, although we do offer customers staying in our hotel priority reservations. Because we serve a wide choice of dishes, for parties of more than 8 people we ask each member of the party to make their selection from the menu, which we will send out by email, before coming to the restaurant.


There are those who say he was born in a kitchen!

Claude, who is the eldest of the third generation of Trincaz chefs, tantalises our tastebuds with dedication and passion here in La Chapelle d’Abondance, where he continues the family tradition as a chef and restaurateur.

Claude started in the business at a very young age, working at the family hotel and studying at the Hotel School in Thonon-les-Bains. He then moved further afield to take up positions in a number of fine establishments in various regions of France, including the Auvergne and Brittany, where he perfected his knowledge of fish.

After returning to the family restaurant for a few years, in 1994 he decided to open Les Gentianettes with his wife Nathalie. Le Carnotzet, a restaurant serving Savoyard specialities within the walls of Les Gentianettes, followed in 2005, and then in 2014 came Le Jolla, a waterside restaurant on the banks of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva) between Evian-les-Bains and Geneva.


Chef Claude has a flavour-rich style of cooking. Inspired by his many travels across the world, the Chef and his team combine regional products with exotic tastes to offer you an array of delicious and original dishes, such as a citrus-marinated Féra[1] Gravlax and the must-have king prawn and scallop skewers in green curry, coconut milk and lemon grass. For purists, the classic tenderloin of beef with wild morel mushrooms or cooked in a millefeuille with ceps (wild mushrooms) in a parsley and garlic garnish, pan-fried foie gras and a Mondeuse d’Arbin wine reduction gravy, will not disappoint.

Chef Claude also likes to go back to his roots and share the traditional home cooking and foods that he learned to prepare with his family, such as his home-cured and home-smoked ham, served on its own or as an accompaniment to local specialities such as the Berthoud. When it comes to desserts, iced Parfaits and other light and airy 3-chocolate mousses mingle with the well-known, but nonetheless perfectly turned-out Savoyard Ice Cream Vacherin.

Whether you are a connoisseur of fine food, have an inquisitive palate or simply love eating, and whether you are a fan of contemporary cuisine or of traditional cooking, Les Gentianettes is the restaurant for you.

[1] A local fish from Lake Léman (Lake Geneva)


Bistrot-style menus are served at lunchtime, so that you can enjoy a quick snack or more leisurely meal in the restaurant or outdoor seating area in the peace and sunshine. Our restaurant offers you an à la carte menu and also 2-course and 3-course set-price menus, with a choice between 4 starters, 4 main dishes, a platter of cheese from our valleys, and 4 desserts.

We welcome groups and can design menus to suit your budget.

The restaurant may close at lunchtime on any weekday for which no bookings have been made, so please remember to book ahead to ensure that you get a chance to enjoy our Chef's home cooking.


On Sunday lunchtimes and at other busy periods, we offer a slightly reduced version of our full menu, with set-price menus from €30 to €55 and several à la carte choices, to ensure that we are able to deliver a high standard of service to all of our guests.


Treat yourself to a meal out in one of our two restaurants, where the Chef and his team prepare traditional cuisine based on fresh local produce.

Quiet and relaxing with good food and a very warm and friendly atmosphere, “Les Gentianettes” is the perfect restaurant for a romantic supper or a get-together with friends or family.

We renew our menu at every change of season to ensure that there are always new and seasonable delights for our customers to discover, but of course some of our most popular hallmark dishes return season after season, and even year after year.


Discover the generous nature of our cuisine and the bounty of our unique local area, which we take on a journey, adding a hint of the exotic as we go. In our kitchens, we use traditional methods to transform the vast majority of ingredients and prepare our own sauces and bases. Taste and flavour are there, from starter to dessert.

We promote the "home made” and hold the title of "Maîtres Restaurateurs” (Master Restaurateurs).


The feel of an Alpine chalet interior: enjoy one of our many local specialities, such as a Berthoud, tartiflette, raclette or fondue, all served with home-cured meats, or a four-meat pierrade.

An authentic setting where a warm and friendly atmosphere is guaranteed.



 Berthoud, an Abondance Valley speciality €19.90

Oven-baked Abondance cheese in a ramekin dish with baked potatoes for dipping, served with cured ham (uncooked) and a mixed salad.

 Tartiflette, a speciality from the Aravis area €19.90

Oven-baked potatoes, onions and diced bacon, covered in Reblochon cheese, served with cured ham (uncooked) and a mixed salad.

 "Hot Boxed" Vacherin du Mont d’Or cheese €25.90

Baked and served in its box with baked potatoes, smoked cured ham (uncooked) and a mixed salad.

 All-you-can-eat Raclette (unpasteurised, minimum of 2 people) €24.90

Served with baked potatoes and smoked cured ham (uncooked).

 Savoyard Fondue (minimum of 2 people) €24.90

Served with smoked cured ham (uncooked).

 Savoyard Fondue with chanterelle mushrooms (minimum of 2 people) €27.90

Served with smoked cured ham (uncooked).


 All of our meat comes from France or the European Union.

 Pierrade €27.90 (minimum of 2 people)

220g of meat per person, grill it yourself like a Chef!!!

Selection of 4 meats (beef, duck breast, turkey and bacon) and vegetables to grill on a hot stone. Served with fries, a mixed salad and selection of sauces.

Extra meat for €5 per person.

Lumberjack's platter tenderloin of beef, duck breast €36

and lamb chop with chanterelle mushrooms and a parsley and garlic garnish

Served with fresh seasonal vegetables and a green salad.


Home-made rabbit terrine €18

Layered with foie gras and wild mushrooms.

Pickled small chanterelle mushrooms & morello cherries.


Abondance Valley Salad €16

Crisp toast with Abondance cheese and wild Bassachaux chives,

Home-dried Grison meat, Roasted pine kernels.


Les Gentianettes smoked meat platter €19

Smoked cured ham (uncooked) with juniper berries, dried for 18 months,

Black pig farmhouse bacon & Grison-style dried meat.


Swordfish Carpaccio €21

Passion fruit marinade, light Wasabi cream

Farmhouse toast.


Home-made duck foie gras €21

Rhubarb glaze, pink Himalayan salt

Sesame toast and toasted home-made brioche.

Suggestion: a glass of Coteaux du Layon, Château Dubreuil +€7


Piedmont-inspired tagliatelle €19.90

Creamy chanterelle mushroom sauce with parmesan shavings.


Gently baked fillet of Féra[1] €26

In a creamy crayfish sauce with Jerusalem artichoke risotto.


All main dishes on the menu are "home-made" on the premises from raw ingredients.


All products displayed and served (smoked cured ham, bacon, dried meats, chanterelle mushrooms and morello cherries in vinegar, and raspberries in eau-de-vie) are home-made.

[1] A local fish from Lake Léman (Lake Geneva)

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Les Gentianettes

Route de Chevenne
La Chapelle d'Abondance
Tél : 0033 450.73.56.46